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  1. Ice Management

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    We will scrape, apply salt/sand/liquid ice melt to areas of your property where ice or hard packed snow has accumulated. This service is typically done per hour plus product. Please call and ask for a quote.

  2. Hauling Service

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    No room to pile? Let us haul it away. Dump trucks and loaders are available 24/7 at your request or on a set schedule.

  3. Equipment Service

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    We clear the ares of your property that you specify on a 1 inch or greater or 2 inch or greater Service Agreement. Get a fixed price per month, per visit rate or hourly service agreement for automatic service.

  4. Shovelling Service

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    We clear snow on sidewalks, entrances/exits, steps, loading docks, etc. every snowfall. Call for a free estimate.

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