Shovelling Service

We clear snow on sidewalks, entrances/exits, steps, loading docks, etc. every snowfall. Call for a free estimate.

Equipment Service

We clear the ares of your property that you specify on a 1 inch or greater or 2 inch or greater Service Agreement. Get a fixed price per month, per visit rate or hourly service agreement for automatic service.

Hauling Service

No room to pile? Let us haul it away. Dump trucks and loaders are available 24/7 at your request or on a set schedule.

Ice Management

We will scrape, apply salt/sand/liquid ice melt to areas of your property where ice or hard packed snow has accumulated. This service is typically done per hour plus product. Please call and ask for a quote.


Why use Livingstone Snow Services?

  • Economical and reliable snow service since 1992
  • Largest full service provider in Westman Region of Manitoba
  • 24/7 service with 24 hour emergency line
  • We will help make sure you are complying with your Due Diligence