Pruning & Tree Service

Pruning trees and shrubs often take a professional touch and specialized tools. Our crews will make short work of jobs that may take you forever to complete. Training in various pruning techniques and proper tools are the secret to our success in turning your property from nasty to nice!

Tree and Shrub Spraying Services

This summer be on the look out for common tree pests and insects that can destroy the health of your property’s trees.

Most common= Forrest Tent Caterpillars, Aphids

Both can be treated with a spray application of BTK. This is a Biological control spray that insects must ingest once sprayed on the leaf. The product has a residual effect that stays on the leaf to protect for up to 14 days (weather dependent).  This method is preferred as the most enviromentaly responsible control method.

Prices for this service are based on the number of trees you need sprayed. Please call or email for your quote: or 204-578-5291

Tree Fungus

Keep an eye on your spruce and pine trees, the two most common fungus is: Needle Cast, Blight

Treatments are available for your trees, we use:

Anti-fungal Copper Spray- This spray prevents the transmission of fungus to new growth.  The application must be repeated 3 times per season, for 3 consecutive years. Once the fungus has appeared, the new growth needs to be protected, but the affected areas seldom improve. A 24 hour buffer after spraying is required before pets or people can come in contact with the spray area.

Prices are based on the number of trees you require sprayed please call or email for a quote

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