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We are an IPM Certified company that uses licensed applicators in accordance to Provincial laws. Our herbicide for lawns is called Fiesta and is one of the few government approved herbicides that meets the strict new standards for environmental and public safety. You can rest assured that your green and weed free lawn is safe for the environment, your pets, and family.

fiesta turf weed killer

About Fiesta®  

Fiesta® turf weed killer is a mineral-based herbicide that is perfect for treatment of broadleaf weeds in lawns, turf, parks, playgrounds, cemeteries, and athletic fields. And here’s why:

The Quick Facts:

  • Kills weeds, not lawns
  • Works in wide range of temperatures (10°C-29°C)
  • Rainfast in 3 hours- you can water the following morning after application as a best practice
  • Lawn areas can be re-sown within a day of treatment with Fiesta
  • People and pets can enter treated area when spray dries (2 to 3 hours)
  • No unpleasant odor like traditional sprays

What will Fiesta® work on?

Fiesta turf weed killer controls or suppresses weeds including: Black medic, Broadleaf plantain, Bull thistle, Canada thistle, Common chickweed, Creeping buttercup, Dandelion, Dovefoot geranium, English daisy, False dandelion, Healall, Moss, liverworts, algae and lichens, Narrow-leaved plantain, Persian speedwell, Shepherd’s-purse, Silverweed cinquefoil, Slender speedwell, White clover, and Wild chamomile.

How does Fiesta® work compared to traditional Herbicide products?

Fiesta® can achieve the same results, however timing and the number of applications vary from the traditional products. With lower spray temperatures Fiesta® can be sprayed earlier in the season, however since the iron toxicity of Fiesta® is essentially a top growth killer it is important to do a second application to ensure the best control of the weeds.

A minimum two applications is recommended, for optimum control you may wish to go with 3-4 applications per season. The second application is done approximately 4 weeks after first spray date.

Low Risk

Fiesta® is an iron based product that has no unpleasant odors and as well is safe for children and pets within a few hours. It is an effective alternate to 2,4-D/Par3 to control your broadleaf weeds on home lawns, school grounds, and golf course.

Questions or Concerns?

Should you have any questions or concerns about how the recent changes in Manitoba Pesticide Legislation affects your household, please feel free to email or call us at Livingstone Landscaping Ltd. We will be able to help you find the best product for your needs!

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Email: Office@livingstoneltd.com

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