Hydro seeding is an economical and efficient way to seed large exposed areas using water as a carrier. A fiber mulch of wood or straw is added to ensure uniform mixing which has a number of other benefits once the solution hits the ground.

The Miracle of Mulch

  • Moisture retention and higher germination rates
  • Reduced seed removal by birds
  • Prevents wind erosion and loss of seed
  • Erosion protection from rain splash
  • Less soil crusting

More Details


Your choice of turfgrass variety depends on the final use of the area to be sodded. Information on each variety’s characteristics, recommended uses and maintenance requirements will help you select the turfgrass variety most appropriate for your use.

All of our varieties are # 1 Kentucky Bluegrass Sod:

Peat Based Sod

  • Peat moss is organic material that is used to enrich soil.
  • Peat moss retains moisture better than mineral soil, but requires more watering.
  • Peat based sod is lighter to handle for installation.
  • Peat based sod is suited for residential properties with underground sprinkler systems.

Mineral Based Sod

  • Mineral based sod is suited for high traffic applications
  • Mineral based sod is heavier to install, however easier to care for.

Executive Blend Mineral Based Sod

  • Golf course quality sod
  • Delivered at 1 inch of height.
  • The best color and disease package

When it comes time to decide what type of sod for your application, please contact us


Plant your lawn from scratch or renew your current lawn in the spring with over seeding. We recommend over-seeding after aerating your lawn.

Garden Mulch

Soil Work

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Need grading on your privately owned property? We can take care of all your grading and leveling needs.


Planting Beds

We can help you get your planting beds off to a great start.

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